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And We’re Gonna Be Royals (an announcement by Lee)


Today I made a wonderful decision while my colleagues were out of the office. I became nobility.

Here’s the deal.

During the Second World War, the UK built illegal fortress islands in the North Sea’s international waters to prevent German invaders. In the 1950s, as these fortresses became obsolete, they were pulled down.

All except for one.

This singular fortress—captured by Roy Bates, of Pirate Radio fame—became a sovereign principality in 1967. He named it Sealand.

For a nominal fee, one can pay to earn a noble title from the Principality of Sealand.

My subjects, I paid this nominal fee; I am now Baroness Lee of Sealand. I cannot promise to be unaffected by this—indeed, I may only become even more insufferable, should that prove possible—but I vow to use my title for the greater good.

Sincerely yours,
The Baroness