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The Time I Actually Used My MFA in Design Criticism (a post by Anna)

This whole world is full of surprises. And I got a big one when I was looking for my article in Dwell Magazine’s February 2016 issue and realized I wrote the cover story. It’s about a modern home renovation in McAllen, TX!



This Feb 2016 issue is currently on sale all over the place! Thanks for the support, yall.


A Visit to the Cat Circus (a post by Anna)

I don’t really like cats. I don’t hate them or anything, but I have a distinct childhood memory of a friend’s slumber party where her cat pounced on my head all night and forced me to nearly suffocate under a deep layer of pillows. But one thing that has brought me back to the cat world is The Amazing Acro-Cats.

That’s why I totally freaked out when I was perusing the Circus Cats website a month ago and noticed their tour in Orlando overlapped with my family vacation to the national trucking conference. What are the odds?!? 
I shared this thrilling news with Rachel and asked the concierge to book us a town car to the Circus Cats.  A man named Aklilu was waiting for us in a black executive Sedan, and he drove us to The Venue, a house-turned-burlesque-performance-space in the middle of an Orlando neighborhood. Aklilu was a little confused about why this was our destination, and he didn’t seem to notice the Circus Cats RV when we pulled up.
Once inside, we approached a bar with “Caturday Meowmosas Specials” and a table of cat merchandise.
Then we headed to the performance space. I chatted up the couple sitting next to me and learned they were on a surprise date, and the lady had been incorrectly guessing the destination all week long. The pre-show music included the Purina Meow Meow jingle, Harry Chapin’s “Cat’s in the Cradle,” and “Jellicle Cats” (Lee, remember that time I talked you into this?!).
Then… the show began. And it was as amazing as you could possibly imagine. The owner/trainer Samantha explained that she rescues cats, has 19 living in her home, and showed everyone how to “clicker train” your cats. They made a lot of anti-dog jokes, which I chose to ignore. 

Cats jumped through hoops!


Cats walked the tightrope on a disco ball!

IMG_9008 (1)

Tuna lit up the APPLAUSE sign.


Cluck Norris competed in a bowling tournament again Tuna.

The show ended with a performance by the Rock Cats band.

The Rock Cats!

By the time the show ended, I really felt like I was a part of the Orlando cat community. Rachel and I said our goodbyes and walked outside where a Lincoln town car (not Aklilu) was patiently waiting to take us back to the jungle hotel.
In the words of Davidson College, #CATSAREWILD.

The new AM / PM newsletter! (a post by Anna)

Announcement! If you’re looking for something weird to do in NYC or just want to know what’s going on, I’m about to open up the floodgate of my favorite events around the big city. Presenting…

AM / PM: a new monthly NYC events newsletter created by yours truly.

The first edition comes out today with details on the 24-hr Oscars marathon, LL Cool J hangouts, and Dolly Parton parties.  Sign up here:

The dazzling new AM / PM newsletter!

The dazzling new AM / PM newsletter!

Live Texting House Hunters Davidson (a guest post by Jordie)

The other day I was flipping t.v. channels when I heard this couple saying they were moving to the “Charlotte suburb of Davidson, NC.” I accidentally threw the remote at the floor in an overzealous attempt to halt my autopilot-like channel surfing. Batteries went everywhere. The show was House Hunters, where couples complain their way through homes saying “Oh wow!” as they enter every single room of every single domicile. Apparently no one in this country respects a good budget anymore.

Anyway, I decided to live-text what was happening to some fellow Davidson College grads. Below is the transcript:

“There’s a House Hunters on in Davidson.”

“The couple likes the ‘downtown area.’ Downtown. Sheesh.”

“I don’t recognize anything.”

“They don’t mention the college at all.”

“I think they might be in the Beatty St. area. The wife hates everything.”

“They just got shakes at the Soda Shop. Chocolate from the looks of it.”

“I think I just saw the registrar.”

“This next house is ‘4 miles from the center of town.’ IN WHAT DIRECTION!!!???”

“They hate how close the houses are but love the new construction.”

“He works in Charlotte and commutes. WHERE IS THIS?!”

“There was a commercial for Michigan. Just Michigan.”

“Bonus room!”

“They chose house number one. The wife hates it.”

“Overall it went well.”