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Jennifer Lawrence’s New Talk Show (a post by Lee)



Sometime in mid-2011, Liz, AM, and I discovered we were all equally obsessed with The Hunger Games. Since then, we’ve exchanged hundreds, if not thousands, of emails, arguing over who should be cast as Finnick, complaining about the inadequacy of The Cave Scene in the first movie, writing fanfiction about how The Cave Scene should have actually played out (in brief: LESS TALK, MORE ACTION), and (like the rest of America) fervently wishing Jennifer Lawrence were our real-life best friend.

In today’s email chain about this fantastic interview (J LAW! LOVE THE HAIRCUT. LOOKING GOOD, GIRL), I came up with a brilliant idea.



I immediately started brainstorming some ideas, which I have copied below.

J Laying Down The Law — she could be a judge! or give people reality checks!


Hell Nah with J Law — her catchphrase would be “hell nah!” I guess she’d say no to things a lot?

Blintz, Mints, and Jennifer Lawrence — a cooking and confectionery show, I guess

Chauffeur? No! It’s… JENNIFER! — this could be like cash cab, but instead jennifer lawrence is a limo driver taking people to the airport. she rolls down the window — BOOM IT’S JENNIFER EVERYONE’S SURPRISED then they get a free ride and she gets a plane ticket somewhere cool and takes me with her

Pardonnez-Moi, Monsieur; Je M’Appelle Jennifer — wherein jlaw tries to learn french, hijinx ensue

If any of y’all happen to know any TV producers, please let them know I’m available to discuss any of these terrific ideas further.


Signed, Sealed, Delivered (a post by Anna)

A few years ago, my name was printed in a magazine’s Q&A section next to the frequently asked question “How do I grind my own beef?” This type of accomplishment is apparently cyclical because it happened again in Sunday’s Houston Chronicle!!

That “A” is for Anna!

You see, I’ve always been obsessed with snail mail. When I was young, I was really into pen pals. Prior to the internet, I found a pen pal program in American Girl magazine and had a heyday. I daresay I had 15 pen pals at once, all from different geographic regions. We would exchange school photos, and I’d tell extremely interesting stories about things like going to the State Fair with 4-H and creating a bowling alley in my attic. If I thought one pen pal was particularly cool, I’d pull out the big guns: Lisa Frank or Keroppi stationary. My signature move was the matryoshka doll effect; using 10 different-sized envelopes, I put a letter within a letter within a letter etc. My creativity knew no bounds.

When I started college, I spent the first four months wondering why classmate Samantha-from-Ohio seemed so familiar. I finally realized she was my former pen pal, and even dug up some of her letters back at home (like any normal packrat). 4th grade Samantha-from-Ohio was a gem.

Despite maturing ageing, I’ve kept up my letter writing hobby, mostly through holiday and birthday cards. And since my New Year’s resolution in January, I’ve been writing one letter each week. My grandma is the most frequent recipient.

I may have moved away from Houston, but my presence has lingered! A couple weeks ago, I was interviewed for an article on the lost art of letter writing. Brace yourself for my overuse of the word “important,” and read my Sunday Chron debut online here!!

Cooking TragicLee (a post by Anna)

Lee is a total catastrophe in the kitchen. That’s why I’ve forced her in front of the camera time and time again while “trying to cook.” She’s now moving in a more literary direction as she wrecks recipes. Check out the first of many monthly installments here on Forever Young Adult!

Hey Y’all, We Saw Paula Deen! (a post by Anna)

The combination of a Living Social deal and Lee’s newfound love of cooking led us to Reliant Park last weekend. Paula Deen was in town!

Fulfilling our daily apron-wearing quota.

As we waited for Paula, I noticed the demographic surrounding us: 90% middle-aged women with big hair. When she hit the stage, they went camera crazy!

Look at all those cameras!

Paula invited her husband Michael on stage, and I expected them to start cooking. I soon realized I was attending a Paula Deen comedy show. The only cook at work was a Whole Foods chef, making Paula’s Southern comfort foods on the kitchen behind her with the help of Michael.

Paula’s comedy show involved liberal use of the words y’all and butter. She said she felt at home in Houston with her big hair and personality. Instead of telling cooking stories, we heard about how her dog ran away from her, the experience of being in the delivery room when her grandson was born, and a lot of sexual innuendo. At one point, she pulled out a chunk of her fake hair and told us about the time her husband took her on a “romantical” date. The audience clapped constantly. It was a blast!

My video footage was limited, but here’s a snippet of butter and Houston talk:

Paula Deen talks about butter in Houston from Anna Smith on Vimeo.

And that’s the story of how Lee permanently adopted the Paula Deen “Hey yall” to her vocabulary.

How Lee Got Her New Jersey Poof Back (a post by Anna)

Once upon a time not so long ago, Lee was super into New Jersey. She still can’t get enough of that place. When she found out Bon Jovi was coming to Houston, she went wild. Everyone else involved in this escapade could have cared less about this concert, but Lee’s overwhelming excitement became so contagious that we somehow ended up looking like this:

Go big or go home?

When Lee led the troops through downtown, we expected to see clusters of fans decked out to our level. Instead we found the streets to be near empty, a trademark of Houston’s downtown. Lee firmly stated, “I ain’t gonna be just a face in the crowd, you’re gonna hear my voice when I shout it out loud.”

A shot for our next album cover.

Upon arriving at the Bon Jovi concert, we were bewildered by the lack of dedication from other fans. No one else was wearing any sort of 80’s garb whatsoever. The crowd was filled with women in their 40’s who were dressed for a night on the town. We pulled out a variety of inflatable guitars and started to shake it up like bad medicine.

Last Cigarette is my favorite Bon Jovi song of all time.

Bon Jovi may be approaching 50, but he somehow managed to dance around that stage (in leather pants!) for more than two hours. Lee was shot through the heart, and Bon Jovi was to blame. It was a night to remember.

Midnight Book Releases Never Get Old (a post by Anna)

Growing up is a fact of life. I’m not sure if it’s because we look like we’re 12 or are actively striving to not turn into old fogies, but so far we’ve done a pretty good job of delaying the inevitable.

Exhibit A: Lee’s daily dance sessions, often complete with a wide-brimmed hat, oversized sunglasses, and an Alliance t-shirt over head.

Lee's got 99 problems, but fashion ain't one.

Exhibit B: Evenings spent in my onesie reading Love Don’t Live Here No More.

Dogg is just so profound.

And last but not least, Exhibit C: An overnight road trip to a Young Adult Fiction tailgate and midnight book release.

My recent library outing post is evidence of how much I love The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. After researching Houston book releases and coming up empty, we knew there was only one option: drive to Austin for a release party hosted by my favorite YA blog: Forever Young Adult. As excited as I was for the actual Mockingjay release, my favorite part of this outing was the large number of adults participating in childish activities.

As you might expect, everything about this event was Hunger Games themed. We were greeted immediately with a complimentary Champ Can.

Champ cans = tasty business.

If you pay close attention to Lee’s face, you’ll see it’s smeared with coal. That’s because she went as a District 12 coal miner. My attire featured Katniss’s girl-on-fire look, complete with bow and arrow. We immediately realized no one else was dressed up.

Thank goodness Lee got coal for Christmas last year.

Similarly to several childhood birthday parties I attended, we made t-shirts!

Getting their arts and craft on.

Food and drinks abounded. There was even a cupcake decorating station in honor of Peeta. These people weren’t messing around.

The last hour of the party was spent in the arena with a nerf gun cornucopia. For those of you with no prior Hunger Games exposure, shame on you. Nonetheless, I’ll let you know the arena means every man for himself, shoot-to-kill type mayhem. This was generally the result.

A bloodbath of tributes, nerfing to victory.

Lee may not have been the best tribute of the bunch, but she sure was crafty in her technique. During her turn as a tribute, she hid in the trees, then kamikaze-d her way to two champ cans in the cornucopia. She’s requested that Hunger Games fans refer to her as “Leemitch.” I’ll also credit her with long-distance accuracy with the nerf bow.

23:30 -- All tributes to the arena.

At midnight the build up of events climaxed. We all hurried to the bookstore front door for the moment we’d really been waiting for.

Just look at that beauty.

At this point, everyone went bonkers.

In case you didn't notice, we were flippin out.

And it was over; we drove back to Houston in pure glee. Since then, we have been very busy doing two things:

1. Eating pita Peeta chips.

2. Reading frantically.

And that’s the story of how we took a six hour road-trip on a Monday night to hang out with strangers and pick up a young adult fiction book. It was awesome!

PS. We made it on the Forever Young Adult website! Check out their play-by-play of the party here.

Famous by Proxy! (a post by Lee)

For my last semester of college, I spent five magical months sharing a house with the spectacular A McA. The two of us consistently found ways to keep ourselves busy.

We fed tigers.

A McA makes a friend!

We went to dueling piano bars in really attractive costumes.

Obviously, I'm Kanye West in dragon form.

Sometimes we classed it up a notch by going to wine tastings.

Photo taken during a really attractive phase of our lives.

And, inevitably, Alex would occasionally dress as a man.

Such a gentleman.

One day, A McA came home babbling about a Ms. Wheelchair America pageant she had discovered. We immediately set to work on the application.

This past April, I received a call from Alex. She had reigned superior, winning the title of Ms. Wheelchair North Carolina!

Well. Finals happened yesterday. This morning I received another phone call. History repeated itself. A McA took home the top prize at Ms. Wheelchair America! Extreme celebration followed.


And check out this fabulous tiara!

I love the American flag/map of the United States remix going on here.

So, while I may not have acquired fame today, at least I can say one of my best friends is a pageant queen.

Her Majesty.