Par for the Glow Golf Course (a post by Anna)

One time I was reunited with my bestie Cary on the same day I completely lost my voice. It was torture to not be able to talk his head off all day, but I found a remedy: Glow Golf.



Now you may be asking yourself: what exactly is Glow Golf? It’s glow-in-the-dark putt-putt inside an arcade on the 2nd floor of a Greensboro mall, situated next to a Ruby Tuesday. Naturally.


Check out that St. Louis Steamer!

First, we had to figure out the complicated token/gumball/golf ball machine. You must use a one dollar bill to get a token, which is needed to get a golf ball, which is needed to get a putter from the 16 year-old staff standing idly next to you. This is the only way to play Glow Golf.

Glow Golf Balls

Straight out of the 80s.

Finally, having conquered the token machine, we moved on to the real deal. Glow Golf, we came to learn, did not have a particularly clear theme; the golf course mixed dinosaurs, windmills, and the Lincoln Memorial.


Swing, batter batter.

The creators of Glow Golf couldn’t dig out holes on the 2nd floor of a mall, so they built the course on top of the floor. Each hole was designed with the impossible challenge of being surrounded by a little hump. It was also extremely dark, except for the few black lights on the ceiling. As you can imagine, I was great at glow golfing!

Id rather be glow golfing.

In heaven.

Between my voicelessness and the giant dinosaur, the experience was speechless in more ways than one.


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