Penny & Me & A Bunch of Fansons (a post by Anna)

YALL. I WENT TO HANSON’s 21ST ANNIVERSARY PARTY!!!! This concert kicked off the release of their new Anthem album and world tour. Taylor sang. Isaac sang. Zac sang. It was all so beautiful.

Hanson, all grown up.

That’s right folks: Hanson (the band) turned 21!

My friend Erica is a true NYC Fanson, and I respect her so much for it. When we met up at Irving Plaza, I quickly realized that everyone at this concert was originally from NYC and knew each other only from having attended other Hanson concerts. I was in heaven.

Long-term fans + me.

Lifelong Fansons + me

Here are things I found to be awesome, listed in no particular order:
  1. There was a search for MmmHops, which ended unsuccessfully.
  2. They sold Hansonopoly.

    A homemade game I once saw on this Fanson's blog:

    What a sweet homemade board game from

  3. All of my new friends have been Hanson fans since roughly age 13. They admitted to having mid-1990s photos of themselves in Hanson t-shirts at Hanson concerts.
  4. I saw someone order a beer, for the sole purpose of taking a photo while holding a beer at a Hanson concert.
  5. People were doing impressions of Isaac, and I heard this phrase more than once: “Ugh, another Isaac guitar solo?! Here we go again…”
  6. There was a musician on stage that had Weird Al hair.
  7. After the concert, a Mister Softee ice cream truck was parked at the exit, and there were people camping out for the following night’s concert. (Yes, Hanson had two concerts in a row.)

    Crazy Fansons, camping out

    Crazy Fansons, camping out

I’ll leave you with a snippet of the obligatory 21st song on their set list:

Hanson’s coming back at the beginning of September, so let me know if you want to join us this time around!


One response to “Penny & Me & A Bunch of Fansons (a post by Anna)

  1. I wouldn’t totally gone too! I can still sing to those tunes. One day ill be like my mom and instead of me being the one embarrassed my children will be!

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