Fanny Pack (a post by Lee)

I can’t claim to possess any great amount of dignity; unfortunately, the Internet can prove that all too well. But of all the things I receive the most grief for, it’s my predilection towards wearing a fanny pack.

My friends recently shared this exchange over Facebook:


And a few weeks ago, as I was preparing to go to a Solange concert, Jordie looked at me and moaned, “Oh, no, not only are you going to wear that ridiculous outfit, but you just have to top it off with that fanny pack, don’t you?”

Y’all, I really don’t get it. Fanny packs are of great utility, look fashionable, and allow me to get my dance on without having to readjust a purse strap on my shoulder. So my friends Justin, Timbaland, and I got together to write an ode in honor of this oft-maligned accessory.

Fanny Pack from Lee M. on Vimeo.


3 responses to “Fanny Pack (a post by Lee)

  1. I just bought a double pouch for running and love it: Fanny packs are also great for dog walking/dog training. I’m with you, girl.

  2. i am SUPER pro-fanny pack. i like to wear them hiking, at concerts, or just out and about. i own 3, i think. also, when i came back from chile (where fanny packs were making a serious come back in 2006), i brought fanny packs to many friends as gifts, hoping they would help the trend catch on here in ‘murica. maybe it’s working, just slowly?

    bottom line is, i support you, lil sis, in all things.

    • Girl! You actually brought me back a fanny pack from Chile! Unfortunately, I broke its strap during an evening of enthusiastic dancing, and I still have to sew it back together.

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