Santa Conned Me Into This (a post by Anna)

Before we dive into Christmas in NYC, I have an important annoucement:
Lee and Jordie’s recent Gingerbread Games video went viral on the world wide web. They made it on Vulture, Flavorwire, and Yahoo News! Lee has finally achieved fame! I’m so proud of them!!

And while those two loons were becoming internet famous, I was busy attending SantaCon 2012 with 30K obnoxious New Yorkers all dressed in Santa costumes.

The Santa at the front is making a list.

The Santa at the front appears to be making a list.

My excitement started out strong.

Up until about age 7, I cried every time I encountered Santa.

This is how my one arm would look if I pumped iron.

We left the opening ceremonies when an out-of-sight megaphone announced “Santa is migrating to the West Village.” By 11:00am, dancing began.

I was grateful Sean was there to take photos of quality.

Santa in the club, 11:00am.

Found a fireplace on the dance floor!

Found a fireplace on the dance floor!

When we could dance no longer, we moved on to Times Square. At this juncture, two Santa-themed chants were popularized:
“SANTA TO THE [tickets booth] STAIRS” and “HO… HO… HO…”

Our friend Lisa, the cookie, was a champion of SantaCon.

Our friend Lisa, the center cookie, was champion of SantaCon.

By 1:00pm, energy levels were waning.


Samantha tuckered out at Empanadas Mama.

By the end of the day, I had dined in three restaurants, helped a friend move to Brooklyn, and attended a Broadway show, all while wearing my Santa suit. No one even batted an eye.


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