Signed, Sealed, Delivered (a post by Anna)

A few years ago, my name was printed in a magazine’s Q&A section next to the frequently asked question “How do I grind my own beef?” This type of accomplishment is apparently cyclical because it happened again in Sunday’s Houston Chronicle!!

That “A” is for Anna!

You see, I’ve always been obsessed with snail mail. When I was young, I was really into pen pals. Prior to the internet, I found a pen pal program in American Girl magazine and had a heyday. I daresay I had 15 pen pals at once, all from different geographic regions. We would exchange school photos, and I’d tell extremely interesting stories about things like going to the State Fair with 4-H and creating a bowling alley in my attic. If I thought one pen pal was particularly cool, I’d pull out the big guns: Lisa Frank or Keroppi stationary. My signature move was the matryoshka doll effect; using 10 different-sized envelopes, I put a letter within a letter within a letter etc. My creativity knew no bounds.

When I started college, I spent the first four months wondering why classmate Samantha-from-Ohio seemed so familiar. I finally realized she was my former pen pal, and even dug up some of her letters back at home (like any normal packrat). 4th grade Samantha-from-Ohio was a gem.

Despite maturing ageing, I’ve kept up my letter writing hobby, mostly through holiday and birthday cards. And since my New Year’s resolution in January, I’ve been writing one letter each week. My grandma is the most frequent recipient.

I may have moved away from Houston, but my presence has lingered! A couple weeks ago, I was interviewed for an article on the lost art of letter writing. Brace yourself for my overuse of the word “important,” and read my Sunday Chron debut online here!!


5 responses to “Signed, Sealed, Delivered (a post by Anna)

  1. Yay! I’ll tell my mom to save the paper this morning. You’re going to inspire me to write more than thank-you notes, aren’t you? 🙂

  2. You really are an amazing young lady! I do well to sign my name on a check anymore. Heck….I use cash only! Love You!

  3. As a personal fan of snail mail i dig this
    I have a thing for finding terribly tacky stationary-everything from fly fishing to humane society guilt trip stationary.

  4. Glad to know someone else is in love with letters! The USPS is my fave.

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