#internetpicnic (a post by Anna)

I love the world wide web. I love how it’s given me access to all sorts of things including friends, free food, and an officiant license.

Months ago, I found out about a mass email called The Listserve. It’s like any other listserve you might be on except more awesome. Anyone can sign up (over 20K have), and one person each day (based on a lottery) can send an email to the entire group. I love emails from strangers! If you find out you don’t, however, you can just unsubscribe. The emails are half cool / half boring, and they include anything from career inspiration to stories about cheese.

During my first week in NYC, I received the daily Listserve email that read:

On Sunday at 1 pm, I am going to be at the following coordinates:


I will bring a blanket, a kite, a ukulele, and food. I have a mole under my eye and I’ll be wearing red. See you soon.

[The email actually was a little more involved than that, but no need to bore you with the details.]

I immediately googled the longitude / latitude coordinates (My iPhone told me it was in Kyrgyzstan for a while, but that was a lie.) and saw that the meetup was in Brooklyn. What are the odds?!

Brooklyn Bound

To skip over a long story of perseverance in Prospect Park, I’ll cut to the chase:
I went! With Alex and Amy! And with cool people who didn’t know each other and wanted to meet in IRL. It was fantastic!

#internetpicnic photo by nicole he

These people had some of the most interesting jobs (ex: a ghostwriter matchmaker […who knew that even existed!?], a PA for the show Basketball Wives, etc). Several journalists picked up the story, which can be read here, here, and here. I also got interviewed for a radio show.

Yay for the internet!


2 responses to “#internetpicnic (a post by Anna)

  1. notsosupermodel

    I love this! It’s so clever! I got my first Listserve email today…looking forward to many more. 🙂

  2. Listserver was one of the best thing i’ve discovered this year. Unfortunately, i’m still waiting for my chance to write hehe. Thanks for sharing your feelings and experience. Best regards from Brazil! 😉

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