“I cannot believe how many pairs of leggings that keytar player had!” (a post by Anna)

Yall! I made it to NYC! And I’ve got proof: an 80s party in Times Square.

In the midst of a hellacious apartment search last week, I took refuge in attending a costume party. Sean and Samantha scored free tickets to B.B. King’s Weird Science: The Ultimate 80’s Experiment.

Check out that keytar!

The first task was to find 80s costumes. Prior experiences should’ve taught me to always carry 80s gear on my person, but, alas, I found myself sans costume with all my personal items yet to be delivered to NYC. Immediately before heading to H&M to scrounge up provisions, we ran into a neighbor in the stairwell who offered excellent options. My ensemble featured a ruffled dress with lace arm warmers. My favorite moment was when Sean, in all seriousness, debated if he should shave off his beard to have a mustache for the party.

Made it to Times Square!

As with most costume parties I’ve attended in the past year, we were the only ones dressed up. We didn’t stand out though, since people in Times Square dress like they are wearing costumes anyway. The band was truly committed and had a costume change for every song. It was unreal. And… they decorated the stage with Simon Says, giant Rubik’s Cubes, Cabbage Patch Kids, and Rainbow Brite.

The time the camera flash killed our neon colors.

The whole party took me right back to my sister’s childhood.


2 responses to ““I cannot believe how many pairs of leggings that keytar player had!” (a post by Anna)

  1. It looks like you have fun no matter where you go! Say hi to Samantha for me!

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