Anna Mâché Smith (a tribute by Jordie and Lee)

So Anna Marie left us today to move to New York. We’ve been feeling pretty low (or, in Jordie’s words, “grief-stricken”) about it all day. Then we discovered something Anna Marie left behind.

Two years ago, for Anna Marie’s 23rd birthday, Jordie and I crafted a papier-mâché bust of AM’s head.

This took about a week.

We presented it to her on her birthday, fully expecting applause and squeals of delight. She was mostly confused.

Bust a move

Anna Marie moved away from Houston today. Jordie and I mourned her departure all afternoon. But then we discovered Anna Mâché on a shelf in our costume closet. It’s like she never left!

We played board games:

She lost.

Then we watched some TV:

Her favorite show is America’s Funniest Home Videos.

We drank champagne to celebrate living together in Houston:

Houston or Bust!

Then we sang some karaoke:

She was a bit flat.

We even took a nap!

Anna Mâché sucks at napping.

While we’ve enjoyed our time with Anna Mâché, nothing can replace hanging out with the real Anna Marie. We miss you already, Mar, and please don’t forget to pay this month’s rent.


4 responses to “Anna Mâché Smith (a tribute by Jordie and Lee)

  1. Awww… You are the most perfect friends anyone could wish for! And despite her absence, Anna Marie still found a way to sooth your sorrow by leaving behind such a memorable dropping, a precious source of much entertainment and many new blogs, I hope!

  2. Popsicle Roberts are cute but Anna Mache is a bit creepy. Yet, they both show a deep friendship in the most absurd manner possible.

  3. Nooo!!! I hate that Anna Marie is leaving. Hate it. 😦

  4. Love Anna Mache’s adventures. Where else might she visit? Thanks for being dear friends….family!

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