Big News! (a post by Lee)

Attention world: Starting in August, Anna Marie is going to grad school in America’s greatest city: Houston New York!

for the record, she was in heels.

While I am super excited for AM and the adventures that await her, I’m also experiencing a bit of nostalgia and, in moments of self honesty, sadness.

Anna Marie and I were semi-randomly paired together as roommates our junior year, when we served as hall counselors to a floor of 19 freshman girls. Despite having talked on the phone almost daily over the summer (our conversations consisting of matters most important, such as which costumes we’d be contributing to the costume trunk and whether or not AM was okay with me affixing a huge photo of Barbara Walters to our wall [the answer was yes]), we really didn’t know each other particularly well. Regardless, we hit it off immediately, becoming inseparable to the point where our names were practically synonymous.

Then we left Davidson and both decided to move to Houston; Anna Marie for a job and me on a whim/in a vain attempt to woo Jordie. We took the city by storm, encouraging each other to go out and meet people even when all we wanted to do was hide in our apartment and play World of Warcraft. Again, our identities merged — our new friends referred to us as twins — as we did nearly everything in tandem.

A lot has changed since those first few months in Texas. We’ve found friends (believe it or not) and jobs, and have really created a home here. And while we’ve grown increasingly independent, we’ve always had each other around to peer pressure into going out on a Tuesday night lean on. I guess what I’m saying is, as our time together in Houston is coming to an end, I realize how incredibly lucky I truly am to have had someone as amazing as Anna Marie help me navigate this new city. Thanks, girl.


9 responses to “Big News! (a post by Lee)

  1. Aw, you two are too cute!

  2. We’re going to miss that dear, sweet face of yours, Anna Marie. But Lee, we will keep you too busy to be sad!

  3. The Fischers are going to miss Anna Marie too!! Very nice post, Lee.

  4. Sweet, sweet post. Sad for the good times to end, but you are always welcome in TN anytime!!!!!

  5. Good luck, AnnaMar and LLee!! You guys will lbe olk 🙂

  6. Such a lovely post, Lee. It leaves me very nostalgic and moved…
    What a beautiful friendship the two of you know! How comforting it has been to know that you always had each other to lean on in your many adventures, and I love each one of your adventures! Thank you for sharing with us all your fun times, and then some…! 😉
    We are thrilled to welcome our new neighbor, whom you will sure-Lee visit very often. By the way, I don’t remember getting you a one-way ticket…

  7. We’ll miss you, Anna Marie!! Wishing you all the best in NYC, just wish you could stay here!

  8. Oh goodness! Shedding a tear at my desk on a Thursday! Love you both so much. But, so it will be tears of joy from having Anna Mar in the big apple! Can’t wait ’till you get here!

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