There IS such a thing as a free lunch, and I ate it. (a guest post by Jordie)

It is no surprise that AM and I are cheap frugal. But we’re not the only ones! So is our third half, Jordie. He generously offered to write us a post about… his lunch? Anyway, enjoy!

In the workplace, people tend to get all excited about the littlest things. I am no exception.  For example, I got really excited about getting some free cake last week when co-worker Amy was having a goodbye party. I looked forward to it all day. Hence this gchat:

Click to enlarge

I also got really excited when one of my co-workers accidentally closed her pen in her laptop and it exploded all over the screen.

Imagine my excitement when someone at work told Anna Marie and me that we were going to get free lunch on Wednesday. I talked about it all week.

When I asked our co-worker where this lunch was coming from, she said something about having connections and a  Marriott hotel. I didn’t quite follow, but I knew it was going to be great.

Finally, the big day arrived. Around 11:15 am, a mysterious man and woman with Russian accents came in with boxes of food and then left. The whole thing was pretty confusing and exciting. I called Anna Marie and whispered into the phone, “I see labeled lunch bags! Two boxes of them! One of them is labeled ‘chicken wrap!’ Wait! I see one labeled ‘protein pack!’ What is that?! Omigosh!”

“What I want to know is, are there drinks?” she replied. She was whispering as well even though her office wasn’t anywhere near the action.

“I don’t know.”



Turns out, there were drinks. 20 FL OZ Pepsi! I was bouncing off the walls.

When I got my bag (it was tuna), I did a jig. I was so happy.

Dances with Tuna

Guys, Anna Marie was really happy too.

Even theater majors can’t fake joy like this.

As you can see, co-worker LRoss wasn’t quite as impressed as we were.

Not as enthused

After we calmed down, we took inventory of our bags. They included:
-A sandwich
-An apple
-Some warm coleslaw
-A napkin
-A knife
-A fork

I laid it all out nicely on my desk and we stepped back to admire it.

That’s whole grain bread, son!

Next, it was time to eat it. It didn’t really matter what it tasted like. I was gonna love it.

Highlight of my day

In the end, the only clue I found about where this lunch might have originated was on the napkin.

Eat. Drink. Connect. But where???

Unfortunately, “The Bistro” is about as generic a title as they come.

I am realizing now that I just wrote a post on someone else’s blog about what I ate for lunch on Wednesday.

A sandwich.


8 responses to “There IS such a thing as a free lunch, and I ate it. (a guest post by Jordie)

  1. Okay. I don’t know why I thought this, but at the bottom of this post is a video link… and I THOUGHT that there was something in the still image that implied it was some sort of motivational video. Like the way the beginning of the gchat between Lee and Jordie began. So I clicked it. And watched a 1:06 commercial for how much Woolite loves your jeans. I feel duped.

  2. Do you also feel like you need some Woolite?

  3. In my decades-long corporate career, I have found that free box (or bag)lunches have been one of its principal pleasures. I think that may say something about my decades-long corporate career.

  4. 1. LRoss is my new favorite thing.
    2. Pretty sure your food came from an internet cafe type thing inside a Marriott.
    3. You don’t get enthused about being given lunch anymore when it happens every day in your medical office. It really just ruins everything. The office I’ve worked at who have it once a week are the best. You still get to wonder at what it will be and not so much about how many calories are in it (How much cake and chocolate do drug reps think 8 women need? Not as much as they bring, that’s for certain.)

  5. I love how this detail is included as another shining example of experiencing unexpected joy:

    “I also got really excited when one of my co-workers accidentally closed her pen in her laptop and it exploded all over the screen.”

    • As the Dalai Lama once said – True happiness flows from many sources.

      Actually, I just made that up but he probably either a) actually has said that, or b) would agree with that.

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