Happy Birthday, Alix! (a song by Lee)

So, as y’all know, in July of 2011, Forever Young Adult gifted me with the world’s greatest pen pal who’s since become my awesome friend, Alix.

Photo taken in January 2012, during our first and thus far only extensive hangout.

When Alix visited me in New Jersey, she concocted the idea that Remy and I start a band. “But we can’t sing,” I protested. She responded to this declaration by sending me a mix CD entitled “People Who Are Terrible Singers Vol. 1.” And so, emboldened by this mix, I wrote a song on the ukulele to celebrate today, her 25th birthday. Remy helpfully lent his vocal and guitar talents to the cause, and the family band was thus created!

And so I present to you Alix and the Mimmses’ first hit single “Age Quarter Century,” set to a familiar tune. Follow along with the lyrics here.

Happy birthday, Alix!


7 responses to “Happy Birthday, Alix! (a song by Lee)

  1. THANKS MIMMSES! This song is the best. Though, not naming any names, half this band has significantly better vocal skills than the other half.

    Also, I think this spoken interlude is better than even Mandy Moore’s in “Candy.” I’M SO PLEASED.

  2. Happy Birthday, Alix! And what cool friends you have! Remy, I am wawed by your singing. Lee, you are… ok? But great recitative, Lee, random though, but great recitative! A++ to both! xoxo, mom

  3. Happy Birthday Alix. Are Lee and Mar the best at birthday presents? And you are so lucky you share your birthday with George Takei…….and Hitler.

  4. As per usual, you have no idea how amusing it is to help Lee with music projects. She turns off the volume to record herself and sings with all her heart. For hours on end. I’m not kidding.

  5. As usual, amazing. I want to hire Alix and the Mimmses to play my wedding!

  6. Ya know, when this came on at the party last night, I thought it was a real song for like, 10 seconds.

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