Someone Like Remy (another painful video by Lee)

I’ve been pretty exhausted lately. It’s reached the point where today I actually had this conversation with Anna Marie as I was toodling off somewhere:

Lee: Peace be with you!
[a beat]
Lee: …Is that from the Bible or Star Wars?
AM: Girl. Bible. You’re thinking of “May the Force be with you.”

So when Remy’s birthday rolled around this year, I sort of hoped he’d forget about it so I wouldn’t be expected to, you know, do anything. Unfortunately, my brother is self-aware and remembers things like when he was born.

I set a dangerous precedent for his birthday and Christmas gifts, in which I make him atrocious music videos, like this and this. He hasn’t forgotten about those, either, as I was reminded over gchat on his big day:

Remy: where’s my music video?
me: you needy Nelly
I’ll think of something. I still have… 9 hours?
Remy: i don’t know what time i was born…but let’s pretend you have until tomorrow morning
me: I work well under pressure.
Remy: well, i’m not going to pull your leg, but if you want to make me a video i’m sure i’ll love it

No pressure, right?

Anyway, I decided to truck through and comply with his request. Be careful what you wish for, however, because sometimes what you want for your birthday is something meaningful and special but what you get is an atrocity like this:

Happy birthday, Remy! I hope everyone is lucky enough to know Someone Like You.


5 responses to “Someone Like Remy (another painful video by Lee)

  1. I love you to pieces

  2. Lee! There will never be another you! What do I get for MY birthday???? Love you!

  3. coolest sister in the world. nice work mimms 🙂

  4. So… where have the other customers all fled to,… or why?

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