Walkin’ in a Faux Winter Wonderland (a post by Anna)

Houston is a funny place. Though it’s 75 degrees outside, people here keep pretending it’s “winter.”

Exhibit A: An Ice Skating Rink

Discovery Green got iced!

I never expected this city to be capable of maintaining an outdoor ice skating rink, but boy was I wrong.

Exhibit B: A Makeshift Snow Storm

This is 80,000 pounds of snow!!

The Museum of Natural Science concocted 80,000 pounds of snow, which was more underwhelming than it sounds. This is most likely the only “snow storm” these kids have ever experienced. Parents bundled up their children in heavy coats, boots, and mittens, and the kids were clearly overheating. A sign was posted outside the fence that read: “Children found throwing snowballs at other people will be asked to leave the snow area.”

Exhibit C: Outdoor Ice Sculptures


When I showed up at at the annual ice sculpting competition, I expected some graceful artist-types with a potential masochistic inclination towards the cold. This was not the case.

Turns out most ice sculptors are big men with bandanas and chainsaws.

The emcee for the event was named DJ Dirty Hands, and he announced that we were just in time for an ice sculpting face-off and live music from Downfall 2012. Let’s just say it was not what I expected either:

Video compliments of the esteemed Josh Fischer.

One of my favorite moments was near the middle of the competition when a nine year-old boy was given a fake sword and began hacking at the ice; this served no real purpose.

As I exited the competition, I realized I was in the presence of stilt dancers.

Not sure how my camera pulled this off.

“Winter” in Houston is awesome.


9 responses to “Walkin’ in a Faux Winter Wonderland (a post by Anna)

  1. Great post, Anna Marie! Strange that somehow ice sculpting turned you into an ethereal winter spirit (as evidenced by your last photo). Also, it just occurred to me that Downfall 2012 has really dated themselves with their band name. Will it be Downfall 2013 next year?

    • Yeah, I imagine Downfall 2012 regrets not shooting a little higher. For instance, if they had chosen Downfall 2050, they would at least have given themselves a long life of music together.


  3. I especially love that you are wearing a tank top outside the “snow storm”.

  4. How did they keep the ice sculptures and “snow” from melting???

  5. I loved this post. So much effort to pretend it’s cold. Cold sucks anyway, they aren’t missing anything.

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