The Lee Mimms Experience (a post by Anna)

When I found out work was sending me to the Northeast for two weeks, I brainstormed ways to entertain myself during the sandwiched weekend. I made arrangements to stay with Lee’s folks for a couple nights – the perfect chance to hang out and refresh my laundry for the week. During my stay, I inadvertently managed to take over Lee’s identity.

The first sign of replacing Lee came when I learned that both Meredith and Remy would be home for the weekend. I was stoked for sibling time! Since Lee wasn’t there, her room became my abode.

Sleeping so sweetly with Lee's ukulele.

For years I’ve heard about the big horse racing event that takes place in Far Hills. Coincidentally I had perfect timing to attend!

The Hunt

I spent most of the day explaining why I was in town instead of Lee, wearing boots and mittens that I found in her closet. (Here’s a shout out to Maggie, our avid blog reader, who inspired this post!) While watching horses, look who I ran into!

Lee’s fabulous high school friends!

If there’s one thing Lee has taught me about life, it’s pizza. That’s why I spent some quality time at her favorite pizza joint.

Lenny's pizza is the way to Lee's heart.

Over the course of my stay, Mom and Dad Mimms really made me feel like their own daughter.

My identity theft couldn’t be more unintentional.

One aspect of my job is visiting high schools. Here I am where High School Lee gained an education.

I try to look like an adult when on the job.

And that’s not all folks! Philippe and I hung out at Lehigh for an evening!

Philippe is awesome.

No weekend in Far Hills is complete without a Mimms Family Brunch. I tagged in and took over Lee’s normal preparation duties.

Cheers to family bonding!

By the time I left town, I had experienced the life of Lee Mimms. It was really too bad Lee wasn’t in town to hang out with her family, but it was an honor to play her role for a weekend.


7 responses to “The Lee Mimms Experience (a post by Anna)

  1. This is like a very wholesome “Talented Mr. Ripley.” I wonder if anyone would notice if I replaced Remy?

  2. I love everything about this. When do I get a chance to be Lee?

  3. great job, mar!

  4. Wonderful weekend! Miss you much!

  5. Love it. Annamar – this should be the first in a series of posts in which you live various people’s lives. You can come be me for a day!!

  6. This is the best.

  7. Glad you have anothe family that loves you too!

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