Hey Y’all, We Saw Paula Deen! (a post by Anna)

The combination of a Living Social deal and Lee’s newfound love of cooking led us to Reliant Park last weekend. Paula Deen was in town!

Fulfilling our daily apron-wearing quota.

As we waited for Paula, I noticed the demographic surrounding us: 90% middle-aged women with big hair. When she hit the stage, they went camera crazy!

Look at all those cameras!

Paula invited her husband Michael on stage, and I expected them to start cooking. I soon realized I was attending a Paula Deen comedy show. The only cook at work was a Whole Foods chef, making Paula’s Southern comfort foods on the kitchen behind her with the help of Michael.

Paula’s comedy show involved liberal use of the words y’all and butter. She said she felt at home in Houston with her big hair and personality. Instead of telling cooking stories, we heard about how her dog ran away from her, the experience of being in the delivery room when her grandson was born, and a lot of sexual innuendo. At one point, she pulled out a chunk of her fake hair and told us about the time her husband took her on a “romantical” date. The audience clapped constantly. It was a blast!

My video footage was limited, but here’s a snippet of butter and Houston talk:

Paula Deen talks about butter in Houston from Anna Smith on Vimeo.

And that’s the story of how Lee permanently adopted the Paula Deen “Hey yall” to her vocabulary.


One response to “Hey Y’all, We Saw Paula Deen! (a post by Anna)

  1. So jealous! And i’m glad y’all wore your aprons. My mom still has mine. Without it, I don’t find the same joy in cooking that I once did

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