A Brewer, a Baker, a Vegan Cheese-Maker (a post by Lee)

Y’all! Anna Marie’s back! And the first thing she did when she walked in the door was kill a huge cockroach whose presence incapacitated me and left me whimpering on the couch head straight to the fridge and request some cashew cheese!

I was a little nervous about the tasting. I discovered yesterday that cashews may be my least favorite nut.

This is my game face. No wonder I never made varsity.

But, guys! Here’s the thing! It actually wasn’t bad!

In fact, Anna Marie, with equal parts pleasure, sincerity, and surprise, commented after sampling the cheese, “This is actually really good!”

So now I’m thinking of starting a cashew cheese food truck and am open to suggestions for names.

Cashew on the flip side!

Barefoot Contessa - watch out!


3 responses to “A Brewer, a Baker, a Vegan Cheese-Maker (a post by Lee)

  1. proud of you!

  2. I think you might need to sell some other things besides straight cashew cheese in your food truck. Like perhaps cashew cheese pizza, or grilled cashew cheese. Maybe you should work on that theme first and then I’ll get back to you about the name.

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