Tuna-finity And Beyond! (a post by Anna)

A year ago, Jordie attended the Rice University Tuna Festival. The fact that he somehow neglected to inform his best friends about this bizarre outing didn’t stop him from bragging about his experience for the past twelve months. This year, the event was not to be missed.

Without us even asking, a friendly gentleman offered to balance Mike for this photo.

Here’s the concept: a Rice professor went fishing some nine years ago and caught a lot of tuna. Then, not knowing how else to share the wealth, he cooked it up and gave it away on Rice’s campus. Over the years Tuna Fest has been established as an annual Rice tradition, bringing students, faculty, and staff together for a day of tuna and fun. [Disclaimer: this story may only be rumor.]

We were unaware of Tuna Festival’s hilarity until we saw this year’s theme: Tuna-finity And Beyond! A fish shaped Buzz Lightyear mascotted the event.

First we spotted tables of free grilled tuna!

We made it just in time for... TUNA!

And Texas’s own Blue Bell!

Blue Bell has never wronged me.

We then ran into our friends from St. Arnold’s!

We neglected to ask our St. Arnold's friends to be in the foreground of this photo.

And that’s not all folks! There were free t-shirts, tuna tattoos, and a pinata!

You should've seen the kids demolishing that pinata.

Just when we thought the day could not possibly get any better, I looked up and saw a sign for segway demos.

What?!?! SEGWAY DEMOS?! Is this real?

It IS real. And apparently so is Toby's Wholesale Ice truck.

Tuna Fest ended with a lot of dancing.

Photoshopping is one of Lee's many claims to fame.

Many thanks to the The Richard E. Smalley Institute for Nanoscale Science and Technology for hosting this grand event!


5 responses to “Tuna-finity And Beyond! (a post by Anna)

  1. HA! Love it. This is the cutest title ever.

  2. Also – was the Segway ride thrilling? I got stuck behind a guy on a Segway on the ROAD yesterday. Seriously?!

  3. This is so amazing. Sweden has a lot going for it, but tuna festivals… sadly, no.

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