We Are the Warriors! (a post by Anna)

In early 2011, I learned about The Warrior Dash. If you aren’t familiar with this event, it’s a 5k involving an obstacle every 1/3 mile such as jumping over flames, trudging under barbed wire in a mud pit, and running through tires. At the end of the race, you get a t-shirt, viking helmet, and a beer. How could I resist?

Warriors Unite!

Jordie, Lee, and I took our training very seriously, mostly because we didn’t want to look like fools in front of the other 10,000 participants on the day of the race. Jordie took to outdoor running, Lee adopted a gym routine, and I joined a community swim team. I personally had to overcome many obstacles in order to exercise: boredom (exercise is soooo boring), humiliation (the lane placement was based on speed, which is why I swam with an 85 year old), and pride (accidentally going into the men’s locker room – in my defense, it wasn’t clearly marked).

By the end of two months of training, we were strangely in shape. It was weird.

The day of the race, fear took over my instincts. I could no longer complete normal tasks. I found myself asking Lee and Jordie if it was ok to ties my shoes or brush my hair. Everyone else warmed up in the parking field.

As you can see, Jordie really gave 100% during warm ups.

We piled on a school bus and headed to the race track.

Lee missed the memo to touch her face in this photo.

Though there were few photos from the race, we look particularly unexciting in this gem.

Cautiously approaching barbed wire.

Eventually we made it to the end.

The Finish Line!

The race was everything we hoped for and more. Jordie strained a muscle, the kegs ran dry before we got done, and Lee somehow finished entirely clean. It was AWESOME!


2 responses to “We Are the Warriors! (a post by Anna)

  1. Ooooh…Sam has been dying to do this ever since you brought it up. Also, I want to see a picture of you two in your viking hats! (Please tell me they weren’t out of THOSE, too!)

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