Houston Propaganda (a post by Anna)

When people visit us in Houston, we find quirky events that reflect our everyday life here. We’ve taken guests to tour the Beer Can House, eat at Jus’ Mac (the best mac and cheese place ever!), and see the view from the 60th floor observatory deck of the Chase Tower. Here are a few of the highlights from March:

You may remember last year’s rodeo experience. 2011 was similarly memorable.

An occasion to wear plaid and take awkward photos.

While we missed Jimmy Fallon, Rachel, myself, and 70,000 other people went to see Janet Jackson. I thought nothing could top Janet’s performance at the rodeo… until I saw this:

Kids In Giant Hamster Balls Inside A Swimming Pool!!!

Even funnier than the concept of kids playing in giant hamster balls inside a swimming pool was when they entered or exited the plastic ball. The whole ball deflated with a child inside it, then they used a vacuum to fill it back up with air once a new child entered.

When my dad was in town, we found some weiner dog races to attend.

Dad joined us to see some dachshunds!

Many of the dogs didn’t quite understand that this was a race. Some dogs ran in circles around each other. One chased a horse for quite some time. There were weiner dogs EVERYWHERE. It was awesome!

Dog in uniforms.

[photo compliments of http://www.houstonpettalk.com/%5D

We often joke about how Texas likes to replicate American icons so that no Texan has to travel to another state to see anything. Mount Rushmore, anyone?

Texas competes with South Dakota for big president heads.

After seeing dozens of presidents and the Beatles, we found this I love Houston sculpture:

A common reaction when people visit us.

Thus concludes our March highlights on why Houston is awesome. Stay tuned for a post on the time we went skydiving!


8 responses to “Houston Propaganda (a post by Anna)

  1. While I did get to see Janet, kids in hamster balls and mutton’ bustin’, I am somehow sad I missed these weiner dog races. But hey, there’s always next year. And maybe then we’ll actually SEE Jimmy Fallon.

    • Yes, looks like we’re going to have to pack weiner dog races into your next visit. And turtle races. I’ll look into other options so maybe it can be all race themed!

  2. can’t wait to see what my adventure will entail!!

  3. This is too funny. Who knew there were so many amazing sights to see in Houston?

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