The Most Exciting Meal in the World (a post by Anna)

There are many aspects of my trip to Denver that are memorable. Not only did we spend an entire weekend with Nora, but we also explored new cities,

Newspapers in Boulder!

toured several breweries,

The sampler at Golden State Brewery!

and even made an excursion to Casa Bonita!!

Yes, there's a South Park episode about this place.

Casa Bonita is known for two things: bad food and unbelievable entertainment.

And the real kicker was that in order to get in the building, you must buy an entire meal. So we of course thought it best to read Yelp reviews before we headed over for dinner. Highlights included: “the meat was similar to canned cat food” and “eat your meal as quickly as possible so the nausea won’t catch up with you.” The best advice that many people posted online was to eat a full meal before you arrive and order the cheapest entrée on the menu.

Post-Yelp Anticipation of Casa Bonita.

Lee invited her former Davidson roommate and Denver native Callie, who noted that this experience was the epitome of a good time throughout her childhood. Despite having completely lost my appetite, my desire to experience the thrills of Casa Bonita still managed to somehow outweigh my disgust. At least we knew what we were getting into?

As soon as we entered the restaurant, the smell of chlorine and mildew pervaded my senses. We trudged through the cafeteria-style assembly line entrance with excitement and apprehension. The food was as expected, and the entertainment quickly stole my attention.

At the center of the multi-level restaurant was a swimming pool, surrounded by fake foliage and a waterfall. Every fifteen minutes a “caveman” climbed up 20+ feet of trees/ bushes and proceeded to “cliff dive” by doing a back flip into the swimming pool. It was both terrifying and amazing.

Cliff Diver at Casa Bonita from Anna Smith on Vimeo.

Men dressed as gorillas ran around the place, lightsaber saleswomen passed the tables, and there was even torch juggling!

Torch Juggling at Casa Bonita from Anna Smith on Vimeo.

We wandered around to find Black Bart’s Hideout,

Entering Black Bart's Hideout!

got dangerously close to the waterfall,

It's not everyday you see this in the middle of a restaurant.

and found buried treasure in the form of Tootsie Rolls!

Tootsie Roll Jackpot!

As we were leaving, I snapped this photo of Lee for no real reason.

The one-of-a-kind Fanky Malloon machine.

Once back in Houston I learned that the Fanky Malloon machine is a world renowned wonder. If you insert 75¢, this machine will blow up AND tie a balloon. While this may seem simplistic, I’ve since learned that Casa Bonita potentially has the only one in existence. Too bad we didn’t know that when we were there…

Thanks for an awesome trip, Nora!


3 responses to “The Most Exciting Meal in the World (a post by Anna)

  1. PLEASE explain the derivation of “Fanky Malloon!” I could understand “Bunky Falloon” — but “Fanky Malloon”? I’m stymied.

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