My Dental Saga (a post by Lee)

It seems to be my lot in life that I am surrounded by saboteurs. I never considered, however, that my own self would turn against me.

Sure enough, that is precisely what happened to me.

Over the past year or two, one of my teeth – named Dudley, after “dud tooth” – managed to stain himself. I experienced this treason profoundly for two reasons:

1. Dudley was one of my front teeth (my maxillarly lateral incisor, if you must know).

2. Dudley’s discoloration was not apparent in person; oh, no, much worse than that – he only appeared in photographs. Beautiful memories ruined!

Just look at this devastation (click on photos to enlarge the muddled Duddles):

When my brother Philippe came to visit, Dudley crashed the family reunion!

You’re killin’ me, Dudley.

A few months later, Dudley presented his ugly self during my birthday celebration.

it’s my party, and I’ll have an ugly tooth if I want to.

At Halloween, Dudley reared his ugly head and proved more frightening than any costume I saw that night.


After an extended period of shame and self-consciousness, it was time to remove Duddles. My tainted tooth was to be replaced by a crown. This necessitated a two-week period in which I had a temporary tooth attached to a shaved-down nub of real tooth. Not to be easily defeated, Dudley succeeded in, for his final time, ruining my aesthetic. After biting into a piece of broccoli during a family dinner, my faux-tooth popped right out and exposed my little nubbin tooth (I later accidentally swallowed the fake tooth). Never to be outdone, Dudley’s last stand sullied my 2010 Christmas photo.

Dang, Duddlez.

Note that I am holding the nubbin in my hand.

Oh, well. You’ve got to give it to ol’ Dudley. He really tried. In the end, however, my dentist and I proved victorious.

dear Dudley, thank you for (not) being a friend.


4 responses to “My Dental Saga (a post by Lee)

  1. Very funny post, Lee! Though get ready to hear from Remy soon! 😉

  2. love the new tooth. it looks fab. what are you going to name it?

    also, that’s a lot of golden girls dvds.

  3. I never knew Dudley existed, but I’m glad to see him gone. I am super jealous of the Golden Girls set and why was Remy looking a hot mess with you and Mer looking fabulous?

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