Ye Olde Blog Post (a post by Anna)

The Texas Renaissance Festival is the largest in the world. I have attended such festivals in North Carolina and Tennessee, and I’ll admit that the size of this one trumped all others.

Even though we got lost every hour, our faces only reflect the delight of RenFest.

We often found ourselves overwhelmed. Please note Jordie in this video.

This was Lee and Jordie’s first RenFest experience. We all exited the scene with very different conclusions:

1. Lee, having grown up in New Jersey, spent her youth at Medieval Times – a place she designates as “more interactive and awesome” than RenFest. The biggest surprise for her was running into a high school friend.

A surprise encounter.

That being said, this video begs to differ:

2. Jordie‘s biggest realization was in regard to the scantily clad costume choices. We couldn’t believe how unashamed people were of their bodies. People of all sizes choose to wear wildly revealing costumes. Every aspect of their body language proved that none of them had even noticed they were nearly naked.

Look at that girl's leg warmers!!

Jordie also had an excellent experience purchasing the obligatory turkey leg.

Turkey leg euphoria.

3. My personal perspective hasn’t changed much from the past RenFests I’ve attended. I still find everything I encounter to be absolutely absurd. The following series of photos are only way to truly prove my point.

Here we are with our new friends.

A child trapped in "The Cage."

Interested in getting married at the RenFest? You are not alone.

A typical visual.

Where's Waldo?

Some ordinary civilians opted to wear a tail for the day.

One of the few places in today's world where a centaur isn't out of place.

The Quiet Family Camping, located conveniently next to the festival grounds.

I would like to end this post with a photo story, which unexpectedly resulted from a simple effort to photograph Jordie with a trash can:

Fare-thee-anon. Prithee wait until I shall post againe!


One response to “Ye Olde Blog Post (a post by Anna)

  1. I could not get enough of those medieval trash cans.

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