For Once, A Theatre Degree Comes In Handy (a post by Anna)

Disclaimer: Some ideas in this post are credited to their original source, Jordie.

One joy of living in a big city is that there are so many things to do. But sometimes it’s overwhelming.

What to do, what to do?

We have to pull ourselves together, and make magic happen. On one such occasion, we attended an open casting call for a new reality show.

What appears to be hesitation on Lee's face is only an optical illusion.

The taglines for this show were what really sold me:

From the Producers behind such hit shows as “Deal as or no Deal,” “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” and “Wipeout” comes a new adventure dating series on NBC!!!

Are you single and truly looking for love?
Do you seek adventure in your life?
Does International travel spark your interest?

Immediately after reading this, I knew we were a perfect fit for Love in the Wild.

More than anything else, I wanted to see the clientele that would show up for this romantic spin on Survivor. First, we got numbered.

Let the games begin

And photographed.

Lee's 'pick me!' face.

The real fun began when we hid our numbers and pretended to know nothing about the open casting call. We approached several people who were clearly auditioning, and we played dumb. The general response usually included embarrassment, a lot of looking at the floor, and answers like, “It’s, like, adventure and travel… and dating, I guess. It’s stupid.”

One guy acted like he didn’t care and his friend made him do it. Jordie probed deeper and asked why he had a folder. He replied, “Oh, it’s my head shot and acting resume.” When he came out of the audition he was reticent to say too much because we were potential competition. In order to fit in, we tried to at least act like we were nervous.

Laura looks like one tough competitor.

Visual scans of the crowd revealed that NBC wasn’t going to have a productive night. We passed the time by having our own dance party.

The dance sequence.

Aside from the probing interviews, my favorite part of the experience was the actual audition. After waiting around for 45 minutes, they called in a group of 7 girls and guys, including Jordie (who was wasn’t even trying out) to make a better male-to-female ratio. Then, they asked a bunch of single people what was the most romantic thing we’ve ever done. Funny lies and jokes ensued. The casting director paid little attention to any of us, making it clear we just weren’t dramatic enough for her liking.

Even though none of us are going to become famous via Adventure Dating, we ended the night in style by taking photos with a graffiti artist.

Lee missed the 'look tough' memo.

And by doing the unthinkable in Houston: walking.

Walking in Houston?! No way!

And walking led us straight to another adventure.

It's tough to see, but to our left and right are giant fire pits.

Even if we weren’t chosen for Love in the Wild, we had a riveting evening.


5 responses to “For Once, A Theatre Degree Comes In Handy (a post by Anna)

  1. HOW DID I NOT HEAR ABOUT THIS??!! I hope the answer is to make the blog post more excited when I read it.

  2. What a positive attitude in the face of adversity! You’re so easily distractible, like little kids! Very funny! xoxo

  3. Oh my God. I not-so-secretly always wanted to be on Big Brother. This is fanTAStic.

    Best line in a blog ever: “Visual scans of the crowd revealed that NBC wasn’t going to have a productive night.” Killed me. I’m still giggling.

  4. Oh well, they didn’t realize they just let go two maybe three of the wildest folks that I know! Such a shame!!! Lee you could have been FAMOUS!

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