Fun Fun Fun Fest leads to fun fun fun. (a post by Anna)

We never turn down a good road trip. Shadood invited us to meet her in Austin so that she could share in the memories of Lee’s first music festival.

Pure bliss at Fun Fun Fun Fest.

We also all had our first experience with SunChips 100% compostable bag!

The 100% Compostable Bag really lived up to my expectations.

At the end of our exciting reunion with Shadood, we forced a cowboy hat photo on her and said our goodbyes.

The routine cowboy hat photo.

Before heading back to Houston, Lee and I made our last Austin stop, which involved a tiny bar, live music, and betting on a chicken’s bowel movements.

Final Destination: Ginny's Little Longhorn Saloon.

We showed up at Ginny’s Little Longhorn just in the nick of time and took the last table, conveniently located next to the complimentary chili dog bar. (Still unsure of why there was a small table with free hot dogs and chili, but it was a nice gesture by Ginny nonetheless.)

Lee was incredibly happy to be here.

The honky-tonk, country band began playing right as we sat down, and their music took me back to Tennessee. My grandmother, who’s a little hard of hearing, used to blast that music on her 8 track throughout my childhood, so I was right at home.

The place was packed in no time for what turned out to be the most hilarious game of bingo I’ve ever played.

The basics: A crowd forms around a pool table, which is covered with a small chicken coop that has gridded numbers on the bottom. Each participant pays $2 for a numbered square into the coop. If the chicken happens to do her business upon your number, you win $100!

Gotta love that Nascar light fixture!

After paying our entrance into this game of bingo, Ginny herself arrived with Sissy the famous chicken. Once Sissy was placed inside the crate, the fun began.

The star of the evening.

Now, I’ll say this: lil’ Sissy had been fed so much, that you expect her to do the dirty immediately. But in our case, she was delayed an unexpected 40 minutes!! (Apparently Sissy usually acts quickly, but our week was a fluke.)

A packed house.

It’s times like these I’m reminded of the simplicity of people. Folks ranging from ages 6 to 60 stood around and watched that chicken for a full 40 minutes. We were too excited to take our eyes off her. We laughed, we cried, we cheers-ed our neighbors. In the end, we lost that round of bingo (though her behind DID spend quite a bit of time on Lee’s number). And then we realized we were only out $2.

This experience once again proves that it doesn’t take much to entertain us.


3 responses to “Fun Fun Fun Fest leads to fun fun fun. (a post by Anna)

  1. Texas really does have it all! Great story!!!

  2. OMG, I love this. And I like the idea of Sissy holding it in to milk as much attention out of the situation as possible. ALSO – aren’t the new Sunchip bags SO loud?!!?

    • i wish we’d thought of that angle – sissy loving the limelight so much, she just crossed her little legs and smiled for the cameras. brilliant, glynnis!

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