Boycott Halloween! (a post by Anna)

Every Halloween, pressure builds to come up with a clever costume.

For all you people who just love this holiday, I apologize, but it’s my least favorite. Here’s why: Halloween has no theme. It bores me.

That being said, I will never turn down an opportunity to wear a costume. Take, for example, movie premieres:

She likes it when you call her "Big Poppa."

We’re always willing to get political when necessary.

Sarah Palin x3.

One time we even crashed a wine and cheese party.

We later learned this was not a costume party.

Sometimes we just dress up for no reason.

Just another night around the house.

To deal with my boredom this month, we’ve entertained ourselves with Halloween hats.

Halloween hats!

May Halloween soon be over and themed parties live on forever. On that note, gotta go pick out my Halloween costume!


5 responses to “Boycott Halloween! (a post by Anna)

  1. I never knew Robert was a SarahP too. How did I miss that??

  2. I am sad there are no pictures of you girls in my mom’s bride’s maid dresses from 1973. Excellent post Mar.

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