Midnight Book Releases Never Get Old (a post by Anna)

Growing up is a fact of life. I’m not sure if it’s because we look like we’re 12 or are actively striving to not turn into old fogies, but so far we’ve done a pretty good job of delaying the inevitable.

Exhibit A: Lee’s daily dance sessions, often complete with a wide-brimmed hat, oversized sunglasses, and an Alliance t-shirt over head.

Lee's got 99 problems, but fashion ain't one.

Exhibit B: Evenings spent in my onesie reading Love Don’t Live Here No More.

Dogg is just so profound.

And last but not least, Exhibit C: An overnight road trip to a Young Adult Fiction tailgate and midnight book release.

My recent library outing post is evidence of how much I love The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. After researching Houston book releases and coming up empty, we knew there was only one option: drive to Austin for a release party hosted by my favorite YA blog: Forever Young Adult. As excited as I was for the actual Mockingjay release, my favorite part of this outing was the large number of adults participating in childish activities.

As you might expect, everything about this event was Hunger Games themed. We were greeted immediately with a complimentary Champ Can.

Champ cans = tasty business.

If you pay close attention to Lee’s face, you’ll see it’s smeared with coal. That’s because she went as a District 12 coal miner. My attire featured Katniss’s girl-on-fire look, complete with bow and arrow. We immediately realized no one else was dressed up.

Thank goodness Lee got coal for Christmas last year.

Similarly to several childhood birthday parties I attended, we made t-shirts!

Getting their arts and craft on.

Food and drinks abounded. There was even a cupcake decorating station in honor of Peeta. These people weren’t messing around.

The last hour of the party was spent in the arena with a nerf gun cornucopia. For those of you with no prior Hunger Games exposure, shame on you. Nonetheless, I’ll let you know the arena means every man for himself, shoot-to-kill type mayhem. This was generally the result.

A bloodbath of tributes, nerfing to victory.

Lee may not have been the best tribute of the bunch, but she sure was crafty in her technique. During her turn as a tribute, she hid in the trees, then kamikaze-d her way to two champ cans in the cornucopia. She’s requested that Hunger Games fans refer to her as “Leemitch.” I’ll also credit her with long-distance accuracy with the nerf bow.

23:30 -- All tributes to the arena.

At midnight the build up of events climaxed. We all hurried to the bookstore front door for the moment we’d really been waiting for.

Just look at that beauty.

At this point, everyone went bonkers.

In case you didn't notice, we were flippin out.

And it was over; we drove back to Houston in pure glee. Since then, we have been very busy doing two things:

1. Eating pita Peeta chips.

2. Reading frantically.

And that’s the story of how we took a six hour road-trip on a Monday night to hang out with strangers and pick up a young adult fiction book. It was awesome!

PS. We made it on the Forever Young Adult website! Check out their play-by-play of the party here.


12 responses to “Midnight Book Releases Never Get Old (a post by Anna)

  1. So glad you are still reading Love Don’t Live Here No More. Snoop tells it like it is.

  2. Peeta Chips. You guys are effin’ brilliant.


  3. I do love your adventures! Thanks for the smile this morning!

  4. Yes and more yes. Can’t wait for this weekends shenanigans.

  5. it’s good that you are never satisfied in your quest for new fun adventures involving any and every crazy idea that pops into your heads.

    i think that bodes well for the rest of your lovely lives.


  6. Pingback: the mockingjay talegate: WE GOT OUR HAYMITCH ON!

  7. I’M SO GLAD YOU GUYS CAME TO OUR TALEGATE!!!!!!! you totes brought the fierceness level up to eleventy with yr costumes, yr enthusiasm and yr general badassery.

    WE SHALL MEET AGAIN. and when that time comes, i want lee to recreate her dancing picture.

  8. Oh, to be like thee, oh to be like thee!

  9. Thanks so much for coming, you two! I can’t BELIEVE we didn’t think of costumes! Your account of the night was awesome, and features probably my favorite picture of me, ever! Katniss &Peeta 4eva!

  10. Why oh why couldn’t I have been there?! 😥

  11. After reading your post, I have pick up a copy of The Hunger Games. I will check back in when it is completed.

  12. This is such a late comment, but I’ve been meaning to write and say that I LOVE this post and wish SO BADLY that I could have been there! PEETA!

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