Famous by Proxy! (a post by Lee)

For my last semester of college, I spent five magical months sharing a house with the spectacular A McA. The two of us consistently found ways to keep ourselves busy.

We fed tigers.

A McA makes a friend!

We went to dueling piano bars in really attractive costumes.

Obviously, I'm Kanye West in dragon form.

Sometimes we classed it up a notch by going to wine tastings.

Photo taken during a really attractive phase of our lives.

And, inevitably, Alex would occasionally dress as a man.

Such a gentleman.

One day, A McA came home babbling about a Ms. Wheelchair America pageant she had discovered. We immediately set to work on the application.

This past April, I received a call from Alex. She had reigned superior, winning the title of Ms. Wheelchair North Carolina!

Well. Finals happened yesterday. This morning I received another phone call. History repeated itself. A McA took home the top prize at Ms. Wheelchair America! Extreme celebration followed.


And check out this fabulous tiara!

I love the American flag/map of the United States remix going on here.

So, while I may not have acquired fame today, at least I can say one of my best friends is a pageant queen.

Her Majesty.


8 responses to “Famous by Proxy! (a post by Lee)

  1. WHAAAAAAAT? That is so awesome. This needs to get on the Davidson website, asap.

  2. btw, if you google ‘ms wheelchair america’ the leemar blog shows up on the first page. that IS what i call fame by proxy.

  3. Beautiful!!! Congrats need to be passed on to her from me!!!!

  4. So happy for Alex and know she will continue with great adventures!

  5. Alexandra McArthur

    !!! LOVE you too. and I could NEVER be more famous than either of you!

  6. Way to go, Alex and friends! You are absolutely wonderful. Love, Grancy

  7. AMAZING post Lee!!!!! Alex YOU ARE AWESOME!!! Congratulations! I love this blog 🙂

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