The Importance of Eating Breakfast (a post by Lee)

So, Mar and I decided we’d donate blood. While I wish I could say this was a selfless act fueled by our commitment to providing life for people in need, we really did it for the free ice cream.

We prepared for this big event last night by consuming enough iron for a month. We stuffed ourselves silly with the stuff.

Dance, too much iron in the pants!

I was too excited about the free pint donating blood to even eat breakfast. This decision later came back to haunt me.

We arrived at the Blood Center, ripe and eager.

Mar, ready to bleed for the cause.

After a quick interview (during which I passed the iron test with flying colors), My New Nurse Friend plopped me in a chair and began searching for a suitable vein to poke. Within seconds, I was watching my life-source flow out of my body into various vials and pouches.

Meanwhile, Mar sat nearby as nurses rejected her for having veins which were too tiny.

After about 10 minutes of bleeding, the nurse de-needled my arm and escorted me to the snack area. The receptionist promptly approached me and insisted I eat cookies and drink juice as I was looking pale. Despite the fashionability of paleness now, with vampires being all the rage and whatnot, and my desire to only drink water, I decided to comply with My Receptionist Friend’s request.

This, my friends, marked the Beginning of the End for me.

Convinced I was feeling groovy, Mar and I headed out to the local Sam’s Club to see what all the hubbub was about. We’d never been before, and figured since we’re cheap and it was Free Entry Day now was as good a time as any to go.

I decided keeping my arm elevated for an extended period of time was a good idea.

After crossing a rather hot parking lot and then walking around this mansion of a grocery store, the lack of a tenth of my blood began to hit me. I leaned against a wall and paged Mar.

Sensing a sudden collapse in my future, Mar had me sit on the floor in the middle of the produce section. At this point, all I could see was blackness. In between moments of consciousness, my only words to Mar were, “Take pictures.”

Oh, this looks like a lovely spot for a nap!

What you can’t really see in the photo is that I was covered in sweat, shaking, unsure of where to look as I couldn’t see well, and talking nonsense. Mar recruited the help of a Sam’s Club employee, My New Hero, who brought me blueberries and a bottled water and reassured me that people faint in the store all the time. (I assume normally it’s from sheer shock at the size of the place, and generally not a result of blood loss. I think the sense of overwhelming I felt at Sam’s Club was certainly a contributor to my downfall.)

Eventually, I regained my vision and was able to hobble over to the dining area of the store, where Mar captured a really flattering photo of me recovering.

Nothing pretty is happening here.

Three hours later we left for New Orleans.

They don't call me Quick Recovery Mimms for nothing...


4 responses to “The Importance of Eating Breakfast (a post by Lee)

  1. This totally happened to me in high school the first time I gave blood! I turned all white and couldn’t see anything! I’m glad you’re all right! (And that you insisted on photo documenting your suffering.)

  2. Dearest Darlings,
    Anna, you stand in good company due to the fact that they will not take my blood either. They asked if I owned a drug company…..due to the fact that I believe that well meaning doctors are slowly try to kill me with their kindness. Your bravery is well noted, and I really believe that New Orleans is the place to heal if there ever was a town to fix you up. Between the sugar sprinkled beniets, voodoo, and free flowing frozen drinks, I feel that you are well on the way to recovery! I’m sure you had a great time!

  3. i literally laughed out loud the whole way through this post. but also i’m glad you’re okay.

    also, i tried to give blood this spring and also boned up on iron the night before and probably didn’t eat enough the day of. i was feeling so crappy and my blood was flowing so slowly whilst the needle was in my arm that i made them take it out and they insisted on laying me back and putting THREE ice packs on me (one on my stomach, one on the back of my neck, and one ON MY HEART). i was IMMEDIATELY convulsing in shivers. all in all, not a great experience.

    all in all, i love you both.

  4. omg, this is too funny.

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