If the shoe fits… (a post by Anna)

A couple weeks ago, Lee received a box in the mail. It was unexpected, so she was enthusiastic about uncovering the contents of the cardboard container. You can only imagine how dazzled we both were when she pulled out these bad boys:

The Infamous Leopard Print Wedge Sandels

Lee quickly called the gift giver to thank her for the kind gesture. She gently mentioned that the the leopard print really got her attention. Turns out the wrong item was shipped. These beauties were supposed to be purple sunglasses.

Don't these shoes look AWESOME?

Needless to say, we spent some quality time modeling the shoes before Lee packaged them back up. How could we resist?

Work it, gurrrrl.


2 responses to “If the shoe fits… (a post by Anna)

  1. unrelated to this blog post, i thought ya’ll should see the website i stumbled upon today after hitting ‘enter’ without typing out your full blog url…

  2. Those shoes are HAWT. Just like you guys. If you paired those with purple sunglasses, it would be too much attractive on one person.

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