Night at the Museum (a post by Anna)

There’s a hype in Houston right now concerning Lois, the famous corpse flower. Lois is over five feet tall and quite a rarity, since only 29 of these flowers have ever bloomed in the US. The museum’s corpse flower experts predicted Lois to bloom last week, so we joined the crew of Houstonians to go see her.

We started out the evening by going to Miller Outdoor Theatre with some friends. They have free outdoor events, and Little Shop of Horrors set the mood for the evening.

Pumped for Little Shop of Horrors!

After the play, we strolled across the street to the The Houston Musuem of Natural Science. The fact that is was nearing midnight didn’t matter, considering the musuem is currently opened 24 hours a day, just for Lois. You never know what time of day she might bloom! I learned several things along the way.

1. Lois gets her name, corpse flower, from the fact that she will smell like rotting flesh when she blooms.

Lee prepared for the smell of rotting flesh.

2. Lois wasn’t the only HUGE thing at the museum.

A giant caterpillar!

3. Lee hates bugs. Of course, this isn’t anything new.

Surrounded by spiders and cockroaches.

Then the moment we had been waiting for transpired. We reached Lois. She was ginormous!

That's Lois.

After spending a few minutes hoping Lois would just hurry up and bloom while we were present, I turned around to find myself surrounded by reeeeally tall people. I guess she attracts this type of crowd.

The men behind me are even taller than Robert Lord Galloway!

Lee and I spent the rest of our visit wandering around the maze of the butterfly garden.

No idea why I posed like this.

Looking back, I really have no idea why we took these photos.

[After posting these photos, Lee reminded me that we were pretending to be dinosaurs in Jurassic Park. Of course.]

The grand finale occurred when we accidentally found ourselves surrounded by sprinklers. I’ve got an inkling that they turn on at midnight.

Lee's Herbal Essences commercial shot.

Since our visit, Lois has still not bloomed. We’ll let you know if we go back once she blossoms!


One response to “Night at the Museum (a post by Anna)

  1. I have actually heard of this plant before…..not your dear lady, but another. Well, anyway, it made the evening news due to its extreme stink!!
    Have fun!

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