A Post to the Longevity of Local Libraries (a post by Anna)

I really love having a business card. It makes me feel important. Everytime I have an opportunity to give someone my card, it’s like a little ego stroke. When Lee first got a job, I urged her to jump on the business card bandwagon. She hopped over to a website, ordered some free business cards, and waited patiently for them to arrive in the mail. This is how they turned out:

Best business card ever.

As cool as they are, Lee and I constantly joke about several aspects of her business card that I find hilarious:
A) Her address is our apartment address.
B) She included our blog URL.
C) In order to get free business cards, you have to allow the company to print any image in the background. You don’t know what the image will be until you receive them in the mail. Lee’s features a tree.

Ok ok, now that I’ve got that background information exposed, I’ll move on to the real story.

I can’t really tell if it was my desire to fulfill what I consider a civic duty or my recent obsession with Suzanne Collins’s The Hunger Games series, but the time had come for me to finally join the Houston Public Library.

After expressing this to the librarian at the front desk, we were overcome with emotion when he asked for a proof of residency. I panicked. I had nothing on me that printed my home address. And neither did Lee. And the library was closing soon, so it’s not like we could just run home. Then, out of nowhere, Lee proudly pulled out her business card. “Will this work?” she asked. The guy seemed a bit baffled, then passed us both the library registration form. Success!

The paperwork.

After filling out the registration forms, he handed us our new library cards.


Next we meandered around the facilities, taking in the sights. Lee particularly loved the egg-shaped chair.

Someday maybe I will have one of these in my home...

I tried to contain myself since we were in public, but I was kind of flipping out when I found Book 2 of my latest infatuation.

The Hunger Games are soooooo goooood.

But the excitement wasn’t over. As we approached the check-out counter, we realized it was a self-check out! Score!

Lee, self checking-out!

As you can see, our library experience was nothing but AWESOME.

Lee managed to have the same expression in every photo. Until now.

In closing, I have agreed to make a public statement that I will never again satirize Lee’s business card. Much credit can be given to it in making our library experience possible. Even if it does spotlight a cheesy tree.


6 responses to “A Post to the Longevity of Local Libraries (a post by Anna)

  1. YESSSSSSSSSS this post has so much win!!!

  2. i had the exact same thing happen to me at the bethesda public library when i first moved there, except i didn’t have any business cards. instead, i had them mail me the card to my home address and do a super-secret one time check out on the books i wanted to take out, which i couldn’t renew without my library card. but i could have stolen them. i should have given them a fake address. that would have shown them. right?

    btw, how many great sundresses do you two own? because i’m jealous.

  3. Oh my God, there are so many things that rock my world about this post. Lee, the tree on your business card is hardcore. CATCHING FIRE CATCHING FIRE OH MY GOD THE THIRD BOOK COMES OUT NEXT MONTH.


  4. Funny – I was just telling Robert about Lee’s business card last week – haha.

  5. WOOHOO! You are going to a library. Maybe the curse of AR is broken!!!

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