Retaliation, or; How I Learned to Love the Atomic Bomb (a post by Lee)

Mar, the master saboteur, frequently attempts to purloin my glory. Knowing full well that the essence of my existence, ma raison d’être, is achieving everlasting fame, she goes ahead and posts evidence of her supposed entry into the celebrity realm. I have a few bones to pick in regards to this situation.

First of all, she did not even write the question. Libel!

Second of all, I have danced with fame since I was 16. Unlike Mar, my humility never allowed me to publicize this. Until now. I present to you: My First Brush With Fame!

Yes, that is Hugh Jackman. Yes, I'm wearing a purple feather boa.

Thirdly, I continue to be exalted to this very day (something else I had not bragged about [too much] until now). You can find me on, in the following iReport video: (I appear at about 1:38).

Fourth, here’s a gratuitous picture of me looking fabulous. This is just to demonstrate my close-up potential for when magazines want me to grace their covers.

You're welcome.

Anyway, I just wanted to clear all of this up before we got carried away congratulating Anna Marie. Also, I’m signing autographs for all of my fans. Just contact my assistant.


4 responses to “Retaliation, or; How I Learned to Love the Atomic Bomb (a post by Lee)

  1. no birthday post for me? 😦

  2. may i have an autograph, please???????????????

    i love you, lil. xo

  3. I would like an autograph/to be your assistant.

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