And now for my close up. (a post by Anna)

Day by day by day for years now, Lee has set her mind towards one thing: FAME. She speaks of her desire to be famous almost daily and has asked me repeatedly to help her achieve this goal. I’ve made YouTubes, written blog posts, and raved about her to nearly every person I came into contact with. I’ve told her time and time again that fame takes time. That’s at least what I thought… until I recently became famous. And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for…

If you're wondering who wrote the question above my name, I have no clue. ...........................

I realize after seeing the innovative question that I pose to Susan, you’ll come running to be my best friend and grind beef with me. I’ll be real; my friend Brad interned for Good Housekeeping and got me the hook up. To me, this couldn’t be funnier. As for Lee, I’ll never hear the end of how I’ve stolen her dreams.


8 responses to “And now for my close up. (a post by Anna)

  1. HA! Oh man, this is so good! Chin up, Lee – it’s going to happen. We can’t all rocket to the top like Annamar.

  2. OMG YOU ARE SO FAMOUS!!! I can say I knew you when….

  3. this is hysterical!

  4. Once a saboteur, always a saboteur… 😉

  5. This actually should have been Ashley. You know she’s such a germ-a phobe! Tell Lee that her time will come……at any moment! Does she want to be famous or infamous??? Sometime I chose the latter. My dyslexia has really kicked in today!

  6. The clear next step is for you to become an expert at grinding your own beef. IS THIS A PROPHECY?!

  7. I really like that this post has a Jordie-esque vibe… with the use of MS Paint.

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