The Cupcake Conundrum (a post by Anna)

When I returned to Houston after spending Easter at home, a selection of homemade cupcakes came in tow.

Our homemade cupcakes!

Lee and I fed our sweet teeth by indulging in these cupcakes for the next few days.

The guessing game begins.

It was upon examining a carrot cake one that the following conversation began:

Lee: What is this green stuff on top?!
AM: Take a guess…
Lee: Is it just strips of sugar?
AM: No. Try again.
Lee: [Ever so sincerely] Is it celery?
AM: No.
Lee: [ever so seriously] I know this taste; I just can’t place it. It is carrot shavings, dyed green?
AM: No.

While I could’ve intervened to explain the verdict: coconut with green food coloring, I was fully aware of Lee’s disdain for all things coconut. Therefore I kept a straight face, and let the conversation continue.

Lee: Is it okra?
AM: No.
Lee: Hmmm. [rhetorically] What’s green and shaved?! I know this flavor so well. Is it sweet potatoes?
AM: No.
Lee: Is this healthy? I know this. I really do. What can it be?!
[She paused for several seconds of deep contemplation.]
Lee: I’m stumped. Tell me.
AM: It’s coconut with green food coloring.

The look on Lee’s face after gaining this knowledge cannot be put in words. That’s why I took this picture.

Utter shock.

My reputation as saboteur endures, thanks to a meager portion of green coconut.


2 responses to “The Cupcake Conundrum (a post by Anna)

  1. Mmmmh… I am starting to wonder, Anna Marie…

  2. lee, in that last picture you look like ellen. so there’s a new celebrity look-alike for you. LOVE.

    mar, those cupcakes look amazing! they’re homemade?! i wanna come to your house!

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