Lee’s culinary creation. (a post by Anna)

Every year when March comes around, anticipation builds. March Madness, St. Patricks Day, and last but certainly not least: Pi Day. All former [or current] math nerds know the importance of that unique number abbreviated as 3.14. All year long, we long for March 14 to arrive so that we can celebrate this stupendous holiday.

On Sunday, we started the day right by a trip to House of Pies, a renowned 24 hour eatery of sweets and grease. Arriving promptly as Pi Day began at the wee hours of the morning, we joined the crowds of late night breakfast and pie eaters and consumed our first pies of the day.

Fast-forward past the rodeoing and dog sitting, I resume our day in the late evening. I headed out for a pie-less dinner without Lee, only to return home to: SURPRISE HOMEMADE PIE! And not only homemade pie, but my favorite pie of all time: Japanese Fruit Pie. (Yes, the name doesn’t do anything for it, but trust me on this one.)

Note Lee's Pi Day t-shirt.

Now, I preface this by saying Lee has really expanded her cooking repertoire in the past couple years, so this is not at all an insult. But Lee’s pie baking skills are still at the newb level. She made sure to buy everything needed for the project, but then forgot to add some of the necessary items. If you look closely, you can see the eggs that were hastily added after she’d already put the pies into the oven to bake.

Lee's creation.

Upon my first bite, I could sense something was wrong. Lee assured me she followed the recipe to a tee, then said, “I can’t wait to watch you eat every single bite.” I gracefully chewed and swallowed several bites, confused by the flavor of what tasted like scrambled eggs topped with raisins and coconut. Nothing about the pie was sweet, a key feature of most dessert pie.

Yum yum!

Lee then took out my family recipe book and reviewed the ingredients. This is when she realized she completely forgot to add sugar. She also ever so cautiously asked, “When it says 1 tablespoon vinegar, is it ok that I used balsamic?” This is when I realized the pie, in fact, was made of scrambled eggs, raisins, coconut, and balsamic vinegar.

Lee told me she still expected me to eat every bite, considering she tried so hard to make my favorite pie on Pi Day.

The next day, Lee went to get the pie out of the fridge for our second day’s helping. I noticed she removed it from the freezer, not the fridge. “How peculiar,” I thought to myself. I gently asked Lee why she chose to store her masterpiece in the freezer even though we were planning to eat it this week. Literal Lee responded, “Well, the recipe says it freezes well.”

Thanks to the kind efforts of Lee Mimms, we’ll never forget Pi Day 2010.


6 responses to “Lee’s culinary creation. (a post by Anna)

  1. You crack me up! I am having so many visuals right now! Ah ah! Well, kudos to both of you, one for the genuine and well intended efforts put into surprising her best friend with baking her favorite pie on Pi-Day none the least, and the other for the generous and unconditional friendship she exhibited by masticating each and every bite of the “finished” (?) “product” (?). I love you both THIS MUCH!

  2. LET IT BE KNOWN: Mar did not finish her slice of pie. She also requested it be thrown out.

  3. absolute. lee. incredible.

    i love you both.

  4. Pi day reminds me of this joke:

    What do you call a math professor at the beach?

    A Tan Gent.

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