Lee Mimms wins the lottery… again. (a post by Anna)

A lack of blog posts generally equates to a lack of adventures. Fall 2009 has been a bit bleak. But have no fear; we are back in full force thanks to McDonalds McNopoly!

I will begin with some background knowledge: Lee Mimms spent 6 years of her life only eating fast food. And by this, I mean her high school and early college years involved chicken nuggets and fries, meal by meal, day by day. Thank goodness for that Mimms metabolism! In fall 2007, she veered from this hazardous path and decided nutrition should become a priority. This photo is from the night of her reformation.

Lee Mimms, Inmate No. 101787

As years have passed, fast food has not even been a temptation. On road trips, we’d even stop at grocery stores on the way in order to find exactly what would fit our food cravings and budget.

Lee selects food for the road trip.

Otherwise, Lee’s dining experiences involved dietary goodness and charisma.

Typical behavoir at classy establishments.

But back to the topic at hand…
During our DC road trip, we discussed food options, realized it was McDonalds McNopoly time, and, what with our board game obsession, had no other option but to indulge. We drove until our stomachs protested, then embarked upon a feeding frenzy we would never forget.

Pre-McDonalds Expression

Lee began the meal by ordering copious nuggets, fries, and cokes.

Bubbling in anticipation.

I played the minion role and carried all the food for Lee.

We played; it paid.

We devoured the food, only stopping to breathe and pluck off McNopoly game pieces at specific intervals, as set up before the meal. These moments were full of suspense and often involved a countdown. We acquired at least two railroads and various avenues including New York Ave and Marvin Gardens, and couldn’t have been happier throughout our meal.


Soon after we finished the food, we realized our stomachs could hold even more! I took it upon myself to go buy us another ten pack of nuggets. In our minds, nuggets were the golden ticket to McNopoly.


And thank goodness we had that attitude; otherwise we would have missed the most exciting moment of the entire McDonalds experience! As I peeled back a piece from the second serving of nuggets, we were overjoyed! We won the game! Victory was ours!


We held in our hands a token for “one free medium fountain drink.” But to us, this equated the winning the lottery. (Which is especially funny, considering Lee actually thought she won the lottery two years ago after buying a scratch off at a convenience store. I let her have her fun for probably 20 minutes before letting her know the scratch off numbers actually had to match in order to win money.)

Happiness filled our hearts. We had no cares in the world as we danced around, unaware that at this point a large number of other McDonalds patrons were staring at us.

Fancy Ketchup!

Then, suddenly, the happiness faded. Our stomachs started to churn. Our bodies lost their mobility. It was as if we’d been hit by a ton of bricks, and by bricks I mean that our bodies abruptly recognized the poison we had ingested in tremendous quantities. We waddled out of the eatery with gloomy faces and outraged abdomens, not sure if we would actually survive all the way to our destination.

Post-McDonalds Expressions

At least our suffering was not in vain, considering we defeated McDonalds McNopoly. Even though we spent the next two days recovering from our food choices, we didn’t regret a thing. Our free medium soda truly made up for everything. …And that’s why we chose to eat at McDonalds on our road trip home as well.

Two days later.

Lee, thrilled about our second McDonalds excursion.

The end.


3 responses to “Lee Mimms wins the lottery… again. (a post by Anna)

  1. Congrats on having the courage to admit going back for seconds at McDonalds…. Brigitte will not be pleased…

  2. damn. i filled out a comment but forgot to put in my email so it deleted it. i’m not typing it all over again. i’ve lost my wit and candor.

  3. You guys are a riot!

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