To infinity and beyond. (a post by Anna)

space dog

Throughout my life, I have been an outer space enthusiast. During the summer after sixth grade, I attended Space Camp at the US Space & Rocket Center. While there I slept in “Habitat,” the futuristic dormitory designed to resemble a rocket, and served as commander on a mission simulation.

[Pictured below riding the 5DF Chair at Space Camp, age 13.]
age 13, at space camp

My fascination with outer space hasn’t diminished over time. In college, I owned an array of apparel featuring the solar system.

[Pictured below wearing outer space onesie, age 21.]
outer space and dino onesies

This explains why I was elated to receive an enthralling invitation that read, “You are Invited to Celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon Landing.”

Flashback: On the night of July 20, 1969, the Lunar Module touched down on the moon at Tranquility Base. Armstrong spoke. America gleamed.

Forty years later, the Neraneduo Nav family assembled their family and friends to reflect on this monumental event and take pride in America, the winner of the Space Race.

[Much to our dismay, our camera’s battery was exhausted by prior events. Luckily, Lee has taken the liberty of illustrating the things we would have photographed.]


We entered the shindig with amusement upon seeing a sign that read, “YOU ARE NOW ENTERING THE LUNAR MODULE.”


From that moment on, we were inundated with two of the most wonderful things on Earth: good people and space-themed objects.

moon drink rocket power

The party room included a projector, which publicly displayed a looped YouTube video repeatedly throughout the event. We congregated around the screen to view the original broadcast of the final countdown to Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin’s moon walk. Then we moon walked a bit ourselves.

let's talk about man on the moon

As with any manned spacecraft, space food and drink was a necessity.

space ice cream

Featured as a centerpiece to the cuisine was a Beanie Baby in full astronaut garb.

buzz catdrin

The walls accentuated the atmosphere as they were covered with large posters of planets and the solar system.

Rockin' It you eff oh.

Our appreciation for our hosts abound.

Our Gracious Hosts

Nad’s simple invitation has taken us, as Savage Garden would say, to the moon and back.
Thanks again Neraneduo Navs!


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