when we garden, we wear green. (a post by Anna)

Lee and I have a very similar sense of humor. Basically, we think everything is funny. And if it’s not, we make it funny. One characteristic of our senses of humor is that we are willing to make substantial sacrifices to make something funny, if a high joke potential exists.

There have been several occasions in which Lee has publicly sacrificed her energy and given me a bit of a bad rep, all for the purpose of a joke.

People like to recall the time when we found 8 large picnic baskets at Davidson President Tom Ross’s family weekend luncheon. I stacked all 8 of them on Lee’s arms, reaching far above her head and impairing vision. I then guided her to our destination, listening to people’s comments on the contrast of Lee’s eight baskets and my lack thereof all the way home.

[One year later, we found a photo from this event in the yearbook that was captioned, “Lee Mimms and Anna Marie Smith helping clean up after the family luncheon.” If only they knew what really happened…]


Another story that oft arises when talking about sacrificial jokes is the one about Marco. My previous roommate asked me to keep her fish Marco for four months while she studied abroad. Before Lee moved in, I asked her to care for it, to stir up roommate rivalry. Lee spent four months keeping that fish alive while I sat on the other side of the room and took photos. She pretended to be bitter, to make things more fun.

Clearly, it doesn’t take much to keep us amused.

My reputation was redeemed a week ago when I played the role of the minion for one of our jokes. You see, Lee and I live on a friendly street where tourists and locals are constantly walking by our house.

our home

So when it’s gardening time, we are guaranteed to have people walk by and say hello. When the time came to weed our garden, Lee decided the best plan would be for me to put on grubby clothes and go at it.

Mar, doing the dirty work

I suggested that she stand nearby on the sidewalk in a nice sundress. Her only task was to serve me a drink, as I was completely covered in dirt. Pedestrians would stroll by and give us strange looks, as though I was a champion for doing the dirty work.

Lee, in sundress

In the end, it was a success.

Weeding the garden

If nothing else, we thought we were funny.


3 responses to “when we garden, we wear green. (a post by Anna)

  1. You forgot the part about Lee failing at her one job, when she knocked over your drink and you never got another…

    Mimms… only good for looking pretty

  2. Yeah, but look HOW pretty. I mean, c’mon.

  3. OOH–This has recently come to my attention: one of the editors of the Davidson yearbook recently told me how clever they thought they were with the caption, “Lee Mimms and Anna Marie Smith helping clean up after the family luncheon.”

    Further, the aforementioned editor thought it was really funny that the only 2 people who would really find the humor in this caption, indeed, found the humor in the aforementioned caption.

    Soooo good.

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