Lee’s first encounter with crabs. (a post by Anna)

If you know Lee, you may know she saves adventure for everything except her appetite. Though she has come a long way from her high school years of fast food, she still questions anything that appears to be exotic. Even so, if you kindly ask her to try something new, she will approach the food with an open mind and an open heart. During a past weekend, Lee exited her comfort zone to experience something new: crabs.

It all begin when a friend invited us to a crab boil! We were excited to hang out with friends, so we opted to attend. Lee has never really felt inclined to pig out on shellfish, but she stayed unbiased in an effort to enjoy this new experience. This would be Lee’s first time to have crabs – an adventure for everyone involved.

Upon arrival, she was immediately handed a live crab. She tried to cover her emotions, yet her look of horror was transparent. Lee showed her ability to compromise for the benefit of others as she agreed to pose for a photo, on the terms that the crab would be out of sight immediately following the photo shoot. These terms were sustained until the feast began.

timid lee

When feeding time arrived, Lee’s terror-stricken poise had devolved. She was at ease, due to the camaraderie and presence of sparkler fireworks surrounding her.

with sparkers

She looked entirely pleasant until Ruby appeared with the cooked crabs. That’s when Lee began to tremble. She watched with wide eyes as everyone began to mallet their crabs. “Timid” best describes her approach to having crabs for the first time. Luckily, she had Loyal Liz beside her, cheering all along the way.

timid lee, with crab

Lee’s face showed distress. She just kept saying, “I feel sad. I was just holding this in my hand, and it was alive. And now we are slamming a mallet into it.” Regardless, she tested the waters and tasted several bites crab. Through bravery and determination, Lee Mimms overcame her fears of crabs. The end.


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