Lee and Mar Putt-Putt; Hilarity Ensues (a post by Anna)

When it comes to games, we are always IN. Board games… video games… word games… party games… so when we heard that leD’s birthday extravaganza would be located at H Street Country Club, no questions were asked: we’d be there. You see, this blogworthy venue is unique because it’s in fact A BAR FILLED WITH GAMES!!! And of all the games one could choose to put inside a bar, what sounds better than INDOOR PUTT-PUTT GOLF!, SHUFFLEBOARD!, and even SKEE BALL!.

We arrived and wasted no time, competitively saying, “Let the games begin…” And did they ever:

We began the evening with a simple shuffleboard tournament. Take note of the intensity in this photo. We were in it to win it.


Next we ventured upstairs, encountering an impressive mini golf course. “What was most impressive?” you might ask. There’s only one answer – this mini golf course was entirely DC-themed. Each hole is actually modeled after a monument or area of town. Whomever came up with this idea, I commend you.

The Mini Golf Course

Look closely below: fellow gamer David, putting through the glassy reflecting pool straight towards the miniature Lincoln Memorial.

Big Heals on Dave.

Immediately following, we all took a short gaming time-out when somehow the Lincoln Memorial ate David’s golf ball.

David vs. The Lincoln Memorial

By the end of the night, the legendary Lee Mimms had retained all gaming mojo.

Golf Pros

In the words of Julius Caesar, gamer extraordinaire, “We came. We saw. We conquered.” Thank you, H Street Country Club. It was a pleasure.


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