We live on the edge. (a post by Anna)

Over the years, Lee has been sheltered from the effects of caffeine. She gave up soda in college and never looked back. Her purity of heart kept her astray from candy and sweets all of her life. For all of these reasons and more, the night I talked Lee into trying coffee was memorable.
smiley lee with coffee

It began with a lesson on coffee maker machinery.
Measuring. Pouring. Grinding.
the best part of waking up

From this moment on, things began to go awry. Immediately after the coffee was complete, we sat down to an exciting evening of Veronica Mars which will never be forgotten.
lee drinks coffee

As Veronica Mars, high school detective, became more intense, so did my girl Lee. Her energy levels rose. Her heart beat quickened. For approximately 4 hours, Lee was literally bouncing off the walls.

After Lee’s premiere encounter, she has dabbled here and there with coffee. In closing, I will quote words from yesterday.

“I think I just got drunk off coffee. My face is tingling. And I can feel my heartbeat racing.” – Lee, after one cup of coffee


3 responses to “We live on the edge. (a post by Anna)

  1. you should make a VGL post Anna Maria!

  2. Oh Lee. I’m halfway between dying for you to develop a caffeine addiction and remaining a lightweight like this forever. LOVE.

  3. i have that mug!

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