Our New Chair or; How I Learned to Love the Atomic Bomb (a post by Lee)

When Anna Marie moved in, I realized I was ill-equipped for her computer’s presence in my life. While our desk was big enough to fit both of our computers, the lack of a second chair made things a little more complicated. Attempts at using a butterfly chair in the stead of an office chair proved inadequate. So we scoured the area, in hopes of scoring another chair.

Meanwhile, a GWU graduate student who just finished her studies and was clearing out of her campus living situation was hosting a sale to get rid of all of her furniture and pashmeenas. Our stars thankfully aligned, and we sauntered over to our new friend’s apartment on a sunny morning.

Lee in transit.

Upon arrival, we were immediately satisfied by Our New Chair, taking turns sitting on it. We were on our way to head home with our new purchase, when a radiant display of pashmeenas also for sale was presented to us. We snatched a lovely pink one, declaring this venture doubly victorious.
We, after exchanging pleasantries, marched home with our new goodies.

Mar takes a break, thankful for Our New Chair's existence

On the way home, a screw falls out of Our New Chair, and we encounter some difficulties trying to get it to raise or lower. As we stood there pondering whether or not we’d been sabotaged by our new friends, some girls passed by. One of them, who looked strangely similar to Kate Denning, laughed at our debacle and said, “Good luck.”

Lee: You know, that’s the eighth girl this week we’ve seen that looks like Kate Denning.
Mar: There’s a little bit of Kate Denning in everyone I see.

Eventually we got the chair figured out, concluding it only had a temporary malfunction and our new friends were honest, and continued homeward.

I had to, of course, take a break halfway through the journey and have a photo shoot. Always necessary.

America's Next Top Model?

We made it home (all 3 blocks away) without further incident. Remarkable for us, really.



One response to “Our New Chair or; How I Learned to Love the Atomic Bomb (a post by Lee)

  1. I miss your guys’ crazy adventures. you should have a crazy adventure where you come visit davidson for the summer. do it.

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