Learning to Cook with Lee Mimms

If you know Lee, you may remember she’s a reeeeeally good cook.  I supervise to ensure she doesn’t burn down the kitchen.  Here’s our first episode of a new series entitled “Learning to Cook with Lee Mimms”:

And with the finished product:

Check here for Episode 2.


5 responses to “Learning to Cook with Lee Mimms

  1. wow. i was especially blown away by the italian mama style singing around the two minute mark. way to go

  2. Lee, that’s quality! Next up should be sides to go with the omelette, like bacon and rolls 🙂

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  4. Every time you scrape that nonstick pan with your knife blade, my soul withers and dies a little.

    • The knife-in-hand is Lee’s signature move. She seems to do it in almost every cooking video.

      Fun fact: at this point in Lee’s life she had never seen a cooking show. She didn’t really understand what they were. And look at her now!

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